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Isn't Time You Got a Web Page ?

With My Dentist Zone! Personalized Web Page, you will have a virtual office on the Internet. This Page can have Text/ Graphics that best describes your services, office environment and more.

Our Web Design Plans are:
(Click at each plan for more details)

Budget Plan, $99.00
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Value Plan, $199.00 Sample
Custom Design, $250.00 + Sample

Here are a few reasons to have a Web Page:

     o A Web Page is a great public relations tool.
     o Other Dentists are on the Net.
     o Potential Patients are there.
     o Well designed Web Page with text/graphics of
       your choice, will be your virtual office for
       the users. 
     o Cost effective way to introduce your services.
     o Dentist Zone will host your page for years to come.
     o Your Web Page URL will be
     o The web Page will be promoted as a new member.
     o There are no hidden fees or maintenance charges.

Email us for your ads, questions or suggestions.

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